Ashlee Witheridge - Showroom Manager Hillarys Boat Harbour

Ashlee Witheridge - Showroom Manager Hillarys Boat Harbour

Tell us a little about yourself

Born and raised in Perth with a small portion of my early childhood growing up in West Kambalda. I love the west coast and the lifestyle it offers. I started my journey with Willie Creek Pearls at the young age of 17 as a weekend casual whilst studying at a Business College in the city. Once my studies were complete, I was presented with an opportunity to work within our headquarters. During these past years I have been fortunate enough to visit Broome and Willie Creek Pearl Farm and have seen Willie Creek grow from what was the first retail showroom in Perth to now three retail showrooms in Perth. Nearly 13 years later I am blessed to work with a fantastic team of sales staff on the beautiful beaches of Hillarys. 

As a manager of a Willie Creek Pearls showroom, what does your job entail?

A manager’s job entails all the fine details, but the most important job of all is to make sure our customers have a fantastic and memorable shopping experience. 

What should someone be looking for or thinking about when buying Pearls as a gift?

Have an idea of what the person likes to wear, whether it be yellow gold, white gold or sterling silver. Also think about what they already might have, or the style of jewellery they like to wear. When looking for a pearl, choose the pearl with the best lustre and surface in your budget. If you are unsure, always ask the friendly sales staff for advice.

What advice do you give a first-time Pearl buyer?

Well for me, the lustre is the most important virtue of a pearl. I would advise someone to look for an excellent lustre on a setting you will enjoy wearing at any occasion. 

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery in the showroom at the moment?

At the moment and for a while now, my favourite piece in the showroom has to be the modern Sterling Silver 90cm long necklace with 5 beautiful Australian pearls scattered along the chain, worth $1290

What qualities do you think someone needs to be a successful member of the sales team?

Team is the important word in this question. Respect your team, support your team and help your team. 

What is the best part about your job?

Helping someone on their special occasion along with the happiness and excitement the pearls bring them. 

Willie Creek Pearls Ashlee Witheridge

What’s the toughest part of your job?

Nothing is too tough, I like to view any challenging situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.

What’s your favourite Pearl type?

I cannot take my eyes off a gorgeous Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl that boasts a pink hue. 

What do you think is so special about Australian South Sea Cultured Pearls?

The quality and extraordinary beauty of the Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl is what makes it so unique. The ability of our local oysters to produce such wonders is a phenomenon in itself.  

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt about Pearls?

Before working with Willie Creek Pearls, I never fully understood the amount of work and energy it takes to create these beautiful pearls from the farm to the shop. I was surprised to learn the length of time the Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl are nurtured in the oyster to the time it is harvested, being 2 years.


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