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Lisa Harris - Tour Guide

November 09, 2021

Lisa Harris - Tour Guide

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Lisa! I’m originally from the South Coast, NSW. I had the best of both worlds - growing up in the country with the beach 20 minutes away. I am a red dirt lover! I also can’t pass up a good boot! I have a huge boot collection mostly made up Ariats & RM Williams.

As a Tour Guide in Broome, what does your job entail?

I am a tour guide/bus driver/occasional deck hand and retail assistant.

My job entails having the best time ever! Giving people an experience in Broome that they won’t forget. I love teaching visitors about the best pearls not only in the Kimberley but in the world.

Tell us how you started working for Willie Creek Pearls?

Hubby and I packed up the car and boat and made our way over to WA in 2019. He is an ocean boy and I’m a dirt girl, so Broome was our ideal destination. On the second day we were in town, we went exploring and walked into a Willie Creek Pearls Showroom where we started talking to one of the staff members and fortunately, they were looking for a boat skipper and a tour guide. Within that week we became part of the Willie Creek Pearls team!

What is the best part about your job?

Teaching people, seeing how excited people get about coming to visit us here at the Farm and then how much they learn and appreciate the gems of the ocean after doing the tours.

What is the toughest part of your job?

Hands down hardest part is to not buy a pearl every day! Seeing all these amazing pieces come into the showroom really tempts you.

What is your favourite thing about working with pearls?

Seeing the connections and meanings that they have to people - everyone loves pearls for different reasons, each reason so special to that person. I also love that at work and in Broome it’s so “normal” to wear a strand of pearls to drive a bus or go fishing. Pearls are for every occasion.

What do you find so special about Australian South Sea Pearls?

Pearls are just so unique, every single one of them is different. It still blows my mind watching them being harvested and the excitement people have. I find it super special that they can also last a lifetime and generations after that, to me that’s so worth the purchase of stunning jewellery.

What is the most surprising thing you have learnt about Pearls or Pearling?

Literally everything! I knew nothing about pearls before I started with Willie Creek Pearls apart from the fact my grandmother wore them, but the most surprising part is that an oyster in the sea can produce such an amazing lustrous product and no two are the same! WOW!

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