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Perth Pearl Experience

Perth Pearl Discovery Experiences

 A taste of Broome in the heart of Perth...

The most beautiful and valuable pearls in the world are grown in Western Australia and our pearl discovery experiences share the journey of the coveted Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl, from shell to showroom.

Learn why the magnificent oyster species, Pinctada maxima, from the azure waters of Broome produces the world’s largest and finest pearls.

Witness the magic of Mother Nature as an Australian pearl is uncovered from inside a Pinctada maxima oyster right in front of you! Pearls that are harvested are two years old and could range from $500 to $5,000 in value!

Discover the secret life of the world’s most precious pearls and the rich history surrounding the pearling industry that put the town of Broome in WA’s Kimberley Region firmly on the international map.

Several discovery experiences are offered daily:

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