Willie Creek pearl environmental commitment

Our Environmental Commitment

Pearling itself is a “natural” industry. There is no pollution or detrimental impact caused by the normal operations of a pearl farm. It’s an eco-friendly, efficient industry, in that there is no wastage of any by-products. Willie Creek Pearls aim to comply with all environmental and sustainability standards and we ask our visitors to help us in our quest by following our ‘Top 10 tips’ to lower your travel footprint:

1. Get ticket smart: Ask for e-tickets for flights and accommodation confirmation, do bookings online or via mobile, transfer cash to a credit card and check in and book into hotels online. This eliminates the paper trail that often accompanies holidays.

2. Look for responsible travel indicators: If you’re booking your accommodation yourself (online of course), only use hotels that have a written policy covering their environmental impact, and employment and cultural policy.

3. Pack light: Only take what you know you’ll need. Packing smart will reduce your travel weight and enable you to move around freely. If you’re able to take your suitcase on a bus, you’ve reduced your carbon footprint.

4. Pack green: Your soap and shampoo may smell wonderful, but are they biodegradable? Leave excess wrappers and plastic covers at home in the recycle bin so you don’t have to throw them away on holiday.

5. A word on batteries: Need a camera? Use your phone. Or use rechargeable batteries. Whatever you do, don’t buy batteries that you can’t recharge. And don’t throw non-rechargeable batteries away –bring them back with you, or find out where you can recycle them.

6. Get around responsibly: Use public transport – The Town Bus Service is a great way to meet locals and reduce emissions. http://www.broomebus.com.au/

7. Respect the Earth: Follow designated trails, don’t litter, and don’t remove plants, stones, shells or other natural mementos.

8. Give back: If there are options to donate to local heritage sites, charities and cultural villages, take the opportunity to give back.

9. Act responsibly to protect the natural beauty and wildlife for future generations to enjoy, paying particular attention to local guidelines regarding the building of fires and barbecues.

10. Preserve Water. Turn off dripping taps. Use a basin of water with a plug rather than a running tap. Have a shower instead of bathing in a full tub. Report leaks immediately.