Introducing New Willie Creek Adventure Getaway Packages

Introducing New Willie Creek Adventure Getaway Packages

Willie Creek Pearls is excited to have partnered with Kimberley Getaway to offer new action-packed adventure packages exploring all of the best parts of Willie Creek.

The first experience of its kind at Willie Creek, guests will enjoy adventure-filled days packed with mud crabbing, fishing, a wildlife cruise aboard luxury boat Category Five, and our signature Willie Creek Pearl Farm tour. Fully-catered, guests will stay on board floating accommodation, The Barra Shack - a spacious three-level houseboat featuring a large entertainment area and stunning panoramic views.  

Utilising vast knowledge and state of the art infrastructure, these packages provide a unique journey for those wanting to experience the most of what the amazing wilderness has to offer.

Guests can book our three-day adventure package, or book a custom five-day group adventure getaway.

Learn more about this exciting new offering at the link below:

Willie Creek Adventure Getaway Packages 


Donna Fortescue
The Willie Creek Pearls Subiaco Showroom Has Reopened.

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