How to select a pearl ?

It is often said that you don’t choose the pearl, the pearl chooses you. There are five virtues to a pearl and they are size, shape, colour, surface and lustre. Whatever your preference you should always look for excellence in surface and lustre – the two most important characteristics. Size, shape and colour are a matter of personal choice and reflect individual style and personality.

choosing a pearl


Pearls are remarkably resilient, but will appreciate and respond to attention and care. To ensure your pearls maintain their colour and lustre, please follow these suggestions. By following these suggestions and enjoying their beauty, your pearls will last you a lifetime.

  • A little care is needed when applying perfumes, hairsprays and other chemicals. Where possible apply these before you put on your pearls.
  • If your pearls are exposed to the above, wipe over with a soft cloth to remove residue. After cleaning, place back separately in jewellery box or container.
  • Try to avoid wearing pearls in chlorinated water and always remove your pearl jewellery before using hot soapy water.
  • Above all, remember pearls like to be worn and can benefit from your skins natural oils.