Willie Creek Pearls Named WA’s Top Regional Business with 21+ Employees

Willie Creek Pearls Named WA’s Top Regional Business with 21+ Employees

Willie Creek Pearls Named WA’s Top Regional Business with 21+ Employees

Willie Creek Pearls added another gold to its collection after being crowned top regional business with 21+ employees at the inaugural WA Regional Business Excellence Awards at the Hyatt Regency in Perth on Friday.

Willie Creek Pearls was shortlisted alongside three other regional businesses, who had all won gold at their local Chamber awards in 2023 – a pre-requisite for entry into the state awards. 

State judges attributed the win to Willie Creek Pearls’ agility to product diversification in response to adverse weather implications and marketing strategy alignment to meet customer needs. 

“Willie Creek Pearls demonstrated a sound understanding of their target clients across their product offerings and a dedication to excellence in servicing their customers,” stated the judges’ comments.  

The judges also noted Willie Creek Pearls’ collaboration with MedTech company Marine Biomedical to supply pearl shell biproduct in the development of lifechanging medical products. 

Willie Creek Pearls was eligible to apply for the state awards after being recognised as Broome’s Business of the Year for three consecutive years resulting in their induction into the Broome Business Excellence Awards Halls of Fame last year. 

Out of a pool of 65 regional WA businesses, Willie Creek Pearls was proud to stand alongside three other Broome businesses, Air Kimberley, Broome Weddings and Events, and Emma the Celebrant. 

Willie Creek Pearls CEO Paul Birch accepted the award in Perth on behalf of Willie Creek Pearls. 

“It was a privilege to be at the awards alongside our esteemed colleagues from Broome and all of the other finalists and winners in the room who contribute to making WA the amazing place it is,” Paul said. 

“We understand how hard it is to do business in regional WA and tip our hat to everyone who does.  Our business is complex but our philosophy of doing what we do for our customers, guests and visitors is simple.”  


The Willie Creek Pearls Subiaco Showroom Has Reopened.

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