Wolfram-Siegelring mit Abalone-Muschel

Größe: 8

Wolfram-Siegelring mit Abalone-Muschel.

Erhältlich in den Ringgrößen 8, 9, 10, 11 und 12

ID-Größe 8: 890-00094

ID-Größe 9: 890-00095

ID-Größe 10: 890-00096

ID-Größe 11: 890-00097

ID-Größe 12: 890-00098

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Caring for your pearls

As is the case with all jewellery, remember to take your pearl jewellery off (particularly rings) if you are involved in any activity which could scratch or damage it.  In addition, a little extra care is needed to assist your pearl in maintaining its lustre and beauty.