18K 白金澳大利亚南海养殖 10 - 11 毫米珍珠和钻石戒指


18K 白金澳大利亚南海养珠戒指 - 尺寸 P 3/4

珍珠尺寸:10-11 毫米
珍珠形状 : 纽扣
珍珠颜色 : 白色
宝石:36 颗白钻
宝石重量:0.18 克拉

戒指尺寸:P 3/4


每颗珍珠均经过手工挑选并制作成珠宝,以最好地凸显其属性或优点。重要的是要注意,由于珍珠是天然产品,每颗珍珠都拥有自己的特殊特征或标记,使其独一无二。如果您想了解更多 点击这里。

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Caring for your pearls

As is the case with all jewellery, remember to take your pearl jewellery off (particularly rings) if you are involved in any activity which could scratch or damage it.  In addition, a little extra care is needed to assist your pearl in maintaining its lustre and beauty.