A Crab Named Charlie

A Crab Named Charlie

Firstly, congratulations on your 30th anniversary Willie Creek Pearls. Coincidentally it is our 30th wedding anniversary this year, which brings me to my story...

I love all things ocean themed (my name is Shelley so it's a given). We met some friends at Elizabeth Quay and after a relaxing lunch, we happened to walk past your shop. Looking in the window reminded us of going into your Broome shop on our 21st wedding anniversary where my husband bought me a pearl pendant.

The bubbly we had with our lunch mixed with the perfect weather had us in the right mood to look at beautiful things. Lucky for us your doors were open, the staff were friendly and the spectacular display was inviting. That's when I spied the crab brooch. I fell in love, in fact, I named him before the lovely sales lady took him out of the display and placed him gently in my hand. Charlie the crab was mine.

What I hadn't noticed was an absent husband. He had continued onto the Lucky Shag. After a couple of ciders, he noticed I was missing and upon searching found me enjoying a glass of champagne at your boutique. He came up to me and said‚ 'show me what you're in love with this time'. I showed him Charlie and he gave the nod even before I showed him that his little nippers moved.

He is a perfect 30th Wedding Anniversary gift. Lovely finish to a lovely day.

~ By Shelley

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