Discover the Pearl of Western Australia


It is often said that Broome’s pearling industry is as rich in culture as it is in pearls. Join us as we reveal the impact pearling has had upon Northern Australia and how the melting pot of cultures enticed by the lure of the pearl influenced Broome. Surround yourself by a vast collection of original diving artifacts in our private air-conditioned museum then at your leisure view an exquisite selection of Broome pearl jewellery featuring the Australian South Sea Keshi Pearl in the Pearl Luggers jewellery showroom.

A rare delicacy

A rare and expensive delicacy, the subtle flavoured pearl shell meat comes from the pearl producing Pinctada Maxima oyster. It currently retails in Broome for $120 per kilo. Enjoy a complimentary taste of this delicacy from the deep when you join a Pearl Luggers tour in Broome.

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