Mitch and Peta Get Engaged

Mitch and Peta Get Engaged


Watching the love of my life bend down on one knee and present the most gorgeous Willie Creek Pearl and diamond ring. He chose a beautiful ski-run on Whistler with snow-capped trees and mountains surrounding us. He simply said “marry me” and despite my encouragement for some more loving words I burst into tears and wrapped him in a hug as I kept my eye on the ring.

The fun of that day was wearing ski gloves and checking every few minutes that the ring was still attached to my finger and not buried deep in the snow somewhere on the mountain! Ironically, for years all I wanted was a Princess cut diamond bigger than my sisters. But after a chance visit to Willie Creek Pearls showroom at Hillarys I decided instead to be unique and I now wanted a pearl and diamond ring. I gave those instructions to my now husband and he came up with the goods!

Everyone marvels at how I cope with such a large piece as a day to day piece of jewellery but it is part of me. I get to wear a gorgeous ring every day and I can look at it and remember the moment he (finally!) committed to life with me. I did not think at the time about how we would incorporate a wedding band because of the rings unique style but Willie Creek got me in contact with the most amazing jeweller who created a ring that fits like a glove with my engagement ring. Willie Creek is a part of my everyday life, I am a lucky girl to appreciate the beauty of pearls and diamonds on a daily basis. I cannot wait to get my next Willie Creek piece for our one year anniversary!

~By Peta~

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