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My Willie Creek Pearls Adventure

June 19, 2019

My Willie Creek Pearls Adventure

My indigenous cousin and I were exploring her backyard, Broome. A visit to the museum gave me an insight into the history of Broome, the multi-culture residents, cable beach, sunsets and pearls.

We drove out to Willie Creek Pearls on the blue track, the red dirt and recent rain made it an off-road adventure. On arrival the mesmerising colour of the water was a 'pinch me' moment, it couldn't be real. Our guide entertained us during the pearl masterclass with humour and lots of facts from hatching, seeding and harvesting. The cruise consolidated the masterclass with a visual of the live oysters. On return, we had the delicious damper which bought Matso's Brewery and Willie Creek Pearls together for a lasting memory of Broome's best products.

My adventures continued in Chinatown with the Pearl Luggers tour. This tour gave me an appreciation for the diver's courage and determination to find 'that' pearl. The loss of life was sad. Feeling the weight of the equipment they used with the heavy claustrophobic helmet made these divers heroes. Tasting the pearl meat and seeing the lustre of that beautiful round pearl finished of my Willie Creek Pearls adventure.

~By Sue

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