Business Chicks - Movers + Breakers at Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Business Chicks - Movers + Breakers at Willie Creek Pearl Farm

What a fantastic week at Willie Creek Pearls! We are honoured and privileged to partner with Business Chicks for their Mover’s + Breakers conference, a powerful community bringing women together for three special days of connection, learning and respect. We welcomed 142 attendees to enjoy an exclusive and bespoke Willie Creek Pearl Farm experience.

They were hosted and entertained by our awesome team including our owners, Rob, Darren and Valda Banfield and featuring a pearl master class. The attendees learned the art of pearl farming and harvesting these precious gemstones. Following this was a cruise along Willie Creek, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the opportunity to buy some stunning pearls. They had a fabulous time, enjoying sundowner drinks and canapés, including a pearl meat ceviche, served on the deck enjoying the music of DJ Fadj.

The lucky Business Chicks were delighted to be gifted a piece of Western Australia to take home with them. A stunning Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Pendant valued at $195 each, courtesy of Willie Creek Pearls.

Watch this space for our next partnership.

See more photos on our Facebook post.


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