At Willie Creek Pearls, the 30th wedding anniversary holds a special place in our hearts, with the traditional gift being the iconic pearl. Pearls symbolise the enduring beauty and strength of the relationship, forged by life’s sometimes unpredictable yet awe inspiring conditions.   

Whilst romantic celebrations are usually the first thing to spring to mind when thinking of anniversaries, there are other anniversaries in life which demand the same sense of elation. Anniversaries within the wider community provide a great sense of shared delight and jubilation.  

Celebrating 30 Years of the Fremantle Dockers

As the Fremantle Dockers prepare to celebrate their pearl anniversary, they do so with a sense of gratitude—for the fans who have stood by them through thick and thin, and for the countless memories that have shaped their incredible journey. Our ties to the Fremantle Dockers stem from one of our own, Bailey Banfield, who is a fan favourite player for the team and son of Willie Creek Pearls Chairman Robert Banfield, and wife, Debbie Banfield.   

Just as pearls are formed through time, care, and a bit of grit, the Dockers have built a legacy over three decades, making the pearl anniversary particularly meaningful for the club and its supporters.  

Willie Creek Pearls has collaborated with the Fremantle Dockers for their 30th anniversary, by gifting some beautiful Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl jewellery pieces to their loyal supporters to commemorate the momentous occasion.  We will be giving 30-year members who have been to every game a chance to receive one of our stunning pearl jewellery pieces at both the Retro Round (10th August) and the Thank You Round (24th of August), in line with the tradition of giving pearls as a 30th anniversary gift.   

If you're marking your own personal 30th anniversary milestone, let us help you discover the ideal gift for your partner—a cherished keepsake to honour the journey you've shared together, that will be passed on for generations.