Where do our pearls come from?

Where do our pearls come from


The pearls found in our showrooms come from both our own pearl farm in Broome, as well as from other farms within the region and around the world. Regardless of the type of pearl or its origin, Willie Creek Pearls ensure that only the finest quality pearls make it to our showrooms. We have the widest range of pearl jewellery available in Western Australia, allowing us to provide a pearl at a price-point that suits every kind of pearl-lover!

The origin of each pearl in our showroom is clearly labelled, and our expert staff are always able to assist in finding the right pearl for you and answering any question you may have.

The Australian South Sea Pearls is the most revered pearl in the world for its stunning lustre, colour and size. Willie Creek Pearls farm Australian South Sea Pearls just off the coast of Broome in Western Australia. You can read more about our commercial pearl farming operations here. Only the very best Australian South Sea Pearls make it to our showrooms, and are both from our own farm, as well as other farms within the region. Due to the nature of pearl farming, not every pearl from our harvest is of a high enough quality to make it into our showrooms, and we therefore partner with other producers to ensure that we can always meet the needs of our customers by sourcing pearls produced elsewhere when necessary.

You’ll also find a selection of South Sea Pearls in our showroom as well, including a golden variety. These pearls come from the same oyster that is native to the Broome region, Pinctada maxima, however whilst we do harvest a small amount of golden pearls in Broome most are farmed in South East Asia.

The other international pearl varieties that you’ll find on display in our showrooms include the mysterious Tahitian or Black Pearl, native to the French Polynesia area and famous for their iridescent colours ranging from greens, blues, purples and rose. We also stock Freshwater Pearls which are grown in the lakes and rivers of China. These pearls are small and quick to produce, making them outstanding value and the perfect gift.

To learn more about our ranges and discover the beauty of the Australian South Sea Pearl, browse our collections online or visit one of our showrooms, located in Broome in Chinatown, Cable Beach and Willie Creek and in Perth at Cottesloe, Subiaco, Hillarys and Elizabeth Quay.