Mum's Pearl Ring

Mum's Pearl Ring


My love of pearls began when I was sent to Derby as a 20-year-old for my first teaching post. My parents visited and we ventured to Broome. Big mistake as it triggered my lifelong love of pearls! A visit to Broome and three pearls later, one for each daughter, we began the trek back to Derby.

Over the years, Mum has continued to buy pearls for us all for special occasions and when they could afford it. Last year, I turned the big 50. Mum and I visited your November special event in Subiaco as she was keen to mark the occasion for me with a Willie Creek pearl. On arrival, we chose a cracker. Mum and I pulled open her cracker and something flew across the room. OMG. We both squealed. There on the floor was a pearl ring. Mum’s face was alive. She was just so thrilled and could not believe she had won a pearl ring! It did not matter to Mum if the pearl was worth $10 or $100, she was overjoyed. And so was I and your wonderful sales team that day. It is the first time she has ever won anything; except for a chook raffle back in the 60s. She now wears her pearl ring with great pride. It is her first piece of pearl jewellery and a fabulous story for us to share with friends and family.

Remembering this day, and Mum’s glowing face, is something I can still picture. It makes me laugh out loud remembering her joy and the excitement we both felt. Thank you, Willie Creek Pearls, for creating this very special memory for us to share and cherish.

~By Linda~

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