Five Unmissable Moments to Complete Your Pearl Experience

Five Unmissable Moments to Complete Your Pearl Experience


Camel rides, pristine beaches and spectacular sunsets – these are all iconic experiences synonymous with Broome, WA. But there is more to this exotic town than just the stunning scenery - it’s also the birth place of the Pearl of Western Australia. For over a century, Broome has been recognised as the pearling mecca of the world. It is there that the Australian South Sea Pearl, the finest pearl in the world, is produced.

Nestled between pindan red dirt and turquoise blue waters, Broome is the ultimate place to discover the journey of the Australian South Sea Pearl, from shell to showroom.

If you’re heading to Broome, these are the five unmissable moments that will complete your pearl experience!

  1. See oysters suspended in their natural environment on the Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour.
  2. Discover how the Pearl of Western Australia is created at the Willie Creek Pearl Farm.
  3. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Broome, the pearling capital of Australia on the Discover Broome Tour.
  4. Taste pearl meat, a delicacy, straight from the shell on the Pearl Luggers Tour.
  5. Take home a pearl of your own from the Willie Creek Showrooms in Broome.

Don’t miss these once in a lifetime experiences! Visit to book your tours today.

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Trudi Nell

Trudi Nell

I love Broome. Would love to visit and paint and experience the lovely weather again. I love the colours of Broome and the lifestyle and no wonder the pearls are so gorgeous. They grow in the most beautiful place. Perth is a beauty but can get pretty cold in winter.

Veronica Curness

Veronica Curness

We have done it all 3 times already, & will do it again this visit to Broome. Love it, can’t wait.

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